77 Proverbs for Leaders

A Contemporary Version of the Book of Proverbs with Leadership Insights


Leadership can be a rewarding but sometimes isolating experience. All leaders need input and wisdom. Whether you are a business owner, commercial leader or aspire to be one, this book is for you.
The writer of most of ‘Proverbs’, King Solomon, is considered the wisest man who ever lived; he certainly was one of the wealthiest. His name is synonymous with wisdom.
The ‘Book of Proverbs’ is considered by Jews and Christians to be the inspired word of God. Interspersed within this contemporary translation are 77 Leadership Messages by experienced CEO, Mark Bilton. The wisdom in ‘77 Proverbs’ will equip you to be an effective leader.

“Often the last place that leaders think of going for business insights is … the Bible. And yet, it is cram-packed full of brilliant leadership principles and practice. In this latest book, Mark Bilton draws fresh, relevant and contemporary business wisdom, from that old, old book in the most amazing way. A must read.”
Berni Dymet,
International Radio Personality, Author, Speaker and CEO Christianity Works.

“Mark Bilton amazingly draws on and elucidates, powerful statements from Solomon, one of the most insightful writers of all time.”
Tony McLennan,
CEO Bible League Australia and New Zealand

Mark Bilton connects each Proverb to a concrete business question or challenge. What a gift to the followers of Jesus seeking to live out their faith in the marketplace!”
Mike Baer,
CPO, International Speaker and Author of ‘Business as Mission’.

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