Cold Monday


Haunted by the brutal murder of his UN interpreter wife in Bosnia, an ex-SAS soldier promises to track down the culprits and avenge her killing. But as the trail goes cold, he spends more money than he has on the search and hits the bottle in his sheer desperation. Just when his life is going into meltdown, a former colleague tells him one of the killers is in London – and there’s already a contract out for the man’s assassination. Would he be willing to pull the trigger?
What he cannot know is the elaborate game of bluff and counter-bluff being played out in Europe for the biggest stakes imaginable. There are high-ranking officials and politicians who have a vested interest in his failure and disappearance. So begins his dangerous journey into the dark heart of modern Europe, where he finds himself in deadly conflict with the new mafias and the unaccountable security apparatus of an emerging super-state.
At the centre of everything is a secret act of national betrayal that is as shocking as it is unexpected. All that is required to bring it to fruition is to silence one man. Unluckily for those architects of treason, that man is in no mood to compromise.

Reviews of Terence Strong novels:

‘Tension ratchets up wickedly – a strong sense of reality is reinforced with powerful emotion and gritty characters’ DAILY TELEGRAPH

‘Yet again an edge-of-the-chair thriller with the chilling grip of authenticity’ SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

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