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DRM Should I have it?


Every author who publishes an ebook has to decide whether to digitally protect their book from copying. This is done by adding something called Digital Rights Management or DRM for short. This is a form of electronic protection added to digital files like ebooks, music files and video files. DRM places a “lock” on the file which should prevent the file being altered or copied.

DRM is actually just a piece of code that is added by the retailer to the book. And because it is applied when the book is downloaded from the website, the code is unique to each download. There as many forms of DRM as there are digital platforms available. There are different ones for audio, video and ebooks which is then complicated by the fact that many of the retailers and manufacturers have their own version.

Adobe DRM is the main form of DRM in use for ebooks, virtually all of the retailers use it apart from Amazon and Apple who both have their own version. In Amazon’s case this means that unless the book is sold via Amazon there is no way to apply DRM to an Amazon Kindle file.

All of this sounds fine and as most authors want some reward for their hard work, which author wouldn’t want to protect their work from being copied and downloaded for free, especially after the time and angst spent in writing it. The problem though is that unfortunately it also locks the file to the individual device it is purchased for. Which means (unless they are updating from an older version of the same device) that if the purchaser swaps devices they cannot take the book they have brought with them or, as recently happened with Sony, if the retailer shuts down they cannot access all of their ebooks.


Another shortcoming with DRM is that it really does not protect against copying. There is a constant battle between the DRM software manufacturers and people who want to find ways around it. DRM is constantly updated and just as quickly broken. The end result is that just by searching on the internet, ways to break DRM are easily available. And you do not have to be a computer expert to use them.

As an author you need to decide to whether to have DRM or not. Most authors tend to think that internet piracy is rife and that as soon as you put the book online it will be copied. The evidence, though, contradicts this. Piracy is not as prevalent as people think and it is unlikely that your book will be copied unless it is a bestseller. There are now publishers who do not use DRM and all have reported that there is no noticeable increase in piracy.

So do you need DRM? It really boils down to personal choice. Those who are determined to copy your book will find a way whether you have DRM or not and, in this author’s humble opinion, all DRM really does is punish the honest reader by not allowing them to transfer something they have legally purchased between devices that they own. The vast majority of readers are honest and are quite prepared to pay for a book they perceive is priced at a fair price.

77 Proverbs for Leaders

A Contemporary Version of the Book of Proverbs with Leadership Insights


Leadership can be a rewarding but sometimes isolating experience. All leaders need input and wisdom. Whether you are a business owner, commercial leader or aspire to be one, this book is for you.
The writer of most of ‘Proverbs’, King Solomon, is considered the wisest man who ever lived; he certainly was one of the wealthiest. His name is synonymous with wisdom.
The ‘Book of Proverbs’ is considered by Jews and Christians to be the inspired word of God. Interspersed within this contemporary translation are 77 Leadership Messages by experienced CEO, Mark Bilton. The wisdom in ‘77 Proverbs’ will equip you to be an effective leader.

“Often the last place that leaders think of going for business insights is … the Bible. And yet, it is cram-packed full of brilliant leadership principles and practice. In this latest book, Mark Bilton draws fresh, relevant and contemporary business wisdom, from that old, old book in the most amazing way. A must read.”
Berni Dymet,
International Radio Personality, Author, Speaker and CEO Christianity Works.

“Mark Bilton amazingly draws on and elucidates, powerful statements from Solomon, one of the most insightful writers of all time.”
Tony McLennan,
CEO Bible League Australia and New Zealand

Mark Bilton connects each Proverb to a concrete business question or challenge. What a gift to the followers of Jesus seeking to live out their faith in the marketplace!”
Mike Baer,
CPO, International Speaker and Author of ‘Business as Mission’.

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Practice the Presence of God

A Contemporary Interpretation of the Words of Nicholas Herman (Brother Lawrence).


‘The Practice of the Presence of God’ is a venerated collection of conversations and letters that capture the wisdom of Nicholas Herman (Brother Lawrence). This fresh contemporary version will reach a new generation with his much-needed message.
The message is simple yet utterly profound. The discipline of being aware of God’s presence and serving in utter reliance on Him is the core of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.
God has a plan and a purpose for your life; without exception, we are all anointed and appointed for a specific vocation. Take the simple message in this book and apply it to your life. You will find God in the midst of the exciting and mundane.

“I first encountered Brother Lawrence as a new Christian some 40 years ago. How special to see this classic brought into the 21st century–and especially at the hand of my friend, Mark Bilton. I know of no more practical way to eliminate the false sacred-secular division that plagues believers in the business world, than to come back daily to the simple reality, so well taught by Brother Lawrence, that God is as present with us at work as in the prayer closet.”
Mike Baer,
Chief People Officer, EmployBridge USA, International Speaker and Author of ‘Business as Mission’.

“This amazing little book by Brother Lawrence is one of the great classics of Christian literature. And rightly so, as this young priest who worked in often drab and difficult circumstances, so glowed with the very Presence of God. That Mark Bilton has taken the time to bring this jewel into the 21st Century by making it accessible to a whole new generation is an incredible blessing.”
Berni Dymet,
International Radio Personality, Author, Speaker and CEO Christianity Works.

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Cold Monday


Haunted by the brutal murder of his UN interpreter wife in Bosnia, an ex-SAS soldier promises to track down the culprits and avenge her killing. But as the trail goes cold, he spends more money than he has on the search and hits the bottle in his sheer desperation. Just when his life is going into meltdown, a former colleague tells him one of the killers is in London – and there’s already a contract out for the man’s assassination. Would he be willing to pull the trigger?
What he cannot know is the elaborate game of bluff and counter-bluff being played out in Europe for the biggest stakes imaginable. There are high-ranking officials and politicians who have a vested interest in his failure and disappearance. So begins his dangerous journey into the dark heart of modern Europe, where he finds himself in deadly conflict with the new mafias and the unaccountable security apparatus of an emerging super-state.
At the centre of everything is a secret act of national betrayal that is as shocking as it is unexpected. All that is required to bring it to fruition is to silence one man. Unluckily for those architects of treason, that man is in no mood to compromise.

Reviews of Terence Strong novels:

‘Tension ratchets up wickedly – a strong sense of reality is reinforced with powerful emotion and gritty characters’ DAILY TELEGRAPH

‘Yet again an edge-of-the-chair thriller with the chilling grip of authenticity’ SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

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Rogue Element


For 20 dangerous years he has worked undercover for Britain’s Security Service. Then MI5 makes one demand too many, an act of personal betrayal. When he refuses, he sees his world collapse and finds himself accused of a high-profile murder he did not commit. Yet the evidence against him is overwhelming. Only his former comrade-in-arms believes his innocence. The SAS tracker funds himself on the trail of the most deadly adversary of all – a rogue element within the secret state. With a crusading defence lawyer, as renowned for her fiery temperament as her good looks, he takes on the police, government and legal system in a harrowing attempt to prove his friend’s innocence. Yet before justice can run its course, they will unearth dark secrets and a prophecy that is moving inexorably to its devastating fulfilment.

‘The writing is fluid, the action furious and the political premise entertaining’

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The 2nd Half of Your Life


The Second Half of Your Life: Released to coincide with the new mass market paperback edition. This new imprint has been completely revised and updated with new chapters added.
The Second Half of Your Life has been heralded as ‘one of the most important women’s books for a decade’, ‘groundbreaking’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘the manual for women in the second half of their life’. The Second Half of Your Life will inspire women to rethink what it means to grow older.
Based on the science of hormones, her extensive research and interviews, Jill Shaw Ruddock provides prescriptive advice on how to use the biological changes that occur around menopause to help make the second half of life, the best half. Providing practical hands-on advice on how to harness the power of the oestrogen-free mind to make the most of new opportunities, Ruddock covers everything from dating to divorce, exercise to eating, the libido to looking your best and money to the mind.

‘A girlfriend’s guide to menopause and ageing. Factually, you’re in a safe pair of hands, but best of all you feel supported and understood. Funny, engaging and accessible.’ — Dr Miriam Stoppard, Doctor and Writer

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Abramovich – The billionaire from nowhere


‘An incredible story’ – Mail on Sunday;
‘Well researched and fluently written’ – The Times;
‘Draws a picture of a man of immense ruthlessness, nerve and charm . . . offers a Vanity Fair of Russian oligarchy’ – The Spectator;
A superb insight into the Chelsea boss . . . a must read for both football fans and business tycoons’ – Sunday Business Post;
‘A well-researched investigation into the life and times of Chelsea’s owner’ – World Soccer;
‘The first sustained effort to uncover the making of Chelsea’s oligarch’ – Guardian’; ‘Authors Dominic Midgley and Chris Hutchins go to commendable lengths to tell the story’ – Sunday Times;
‘Where this book sets itself apart is in its quest to discover Abramovich’s true identity. Interviews with his childhood friends, neighbours and teachers in Russia offer an original perspective on the man while access to the informed such as Boris Berezovsky, his one-time mentor, provides a picture of a canny dealmaker and consummate politician’ – The Times’;
‘Most fascinating account . . . should be read by anyone not just with an interest in sport but also in business and in politics’ – Press and Journal.

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The Who Before The Who

The Who Before The Who

DOUG Sandom’s part in the making of the most exciting rock band in the world can never be underestimated. He joined The Who – then known as The Detours – as their drummer in 1962 after an unexpected meeting with Roger Daltrey on a west London street. It was a time when fires were being lit under the music scene worldwide, everything had to change and The Detours had a long way to go to become revolutionary leaders in their field. Having finally decided to write his memoirs, Doug Sandom chronicles each stage of the band’s transition right up to his, Roger Daltrey’s, Pete Townshend’s and John Entwistle’s emergence from their chrysalis as The Who. It is a punchy tale of gritty determination and ever-burning passion for music. As Pete Townshend writes in his moving Foreword ‘Doug Sandom’s work with our band gave me the confidence to drive the band as a writer and creative thinker . . . ’

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Incarnation: The Four Angles and the Moon’s Nodes


Both of the seminars in this book address the theme of ‘orientation’, offering the reader a profound but accessible interpretation of the structure and the ‘spinal column’ of the horoscope. The four angles – Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC – reflect the horizon and meridian at the moment of birth, and symbolise the ‘cross of matter’ into which we are born. They describe our participation in external reality, and also clarify how the subtle patterns of belief, attitude and circumstance affect our inner sense of orientation. Each angle is described separately, in terms of the element and mode, and the meaning of the houses which flank it. Transits are also considered, and there is a guided imagery process where the individual horoscope placements are explored. The axis of the Moon’s Nodes represents an arc of meaning along which the activities of ‘being’ and ‘doing’ are balanced, over and over again. Our ability to let go of the past is tested, and we embrace the future from the vantage point of the eternal ‘now’. This section reviews familiar material, and also offers a number of approaches to the Nodes which the reader will not find elsewhere. There is a review of the Nodes as placed in the six pairs of opposite signs, plus a questionnaire for readers to consider their own Nodes. This book includes astronomical and psychological material, presented in a lively seminar format which will expand the understanding of beginners and experienced astrologers alike.

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Fergie Confidential – The Duchess of York’s True Story


IT SEEMS that almost every week Sarah Ferguson – the Duchess of York, known to one and all as Fergie – makes headlines with her efforts to re-brand herself and explain her troubles. There are the weight-loss problems, the ongoing differences with the Royal Family and her financial difficulties. But how did it all start? It seemed like a fairy-tale come true when Sarah married the Queen’s favourite son, Prince Andrew, and became one of the best-known women in the world. She was feted wherever she went – and she went everywhere. But the Duchess’s world was to come crashing down in spectacular fashion.

We’ve all heard the rumours, now here’s a book that sets out the facts about all the scandals. Finally, the explosive truth from two experts – CHRIS HUTCHINS, the journalist who broke the palace-rocking story of Fergie’s risqué liaison with handsome Texan Steve Wyatt, and PETER THOMPSON, a former editor of London’s Daily Mirror, the paper that ran the sexy St. Tropez stories of Fergie and her “financial advisor” Johnny Bryan. The book also details her often-tempestuous relationship with Princess Diana and how both women decided to end their marriages.

“He comes home Friday, we have a row on Saturday and he goes back on Sunday”
“The marriage was going badly and the arguments bordered on domestic violence.”

“Steve likes me in tight black denim.”
“He was kissing her…or positioned at her feet sucking on her toes.”

“Sarah seemed to feel she only had two options: escape or surrender.”
“She is fighting for her soul.”


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