EBooks by Design provides eBook conversion services for authors all around the world. We are committed to helping authors produce a well designed, professional eBook. We offer the author a personal service, staying in constant contact throughout the conversion process, keeping the author updated and informed all the way.

Here at EBooks by Design we understand how precious your book is to you. It’s your book so we will discuss your needs then work with you to achieve them. We will then convert the book, then you can review it, and we can work together on any changes needed (we will advise you on the constraints of formatting an eBook). We want you to become a repeat customer and/or recommend us so we aim for complete satisfaction and we will work with you until you are satisfied.

So you have a finished manuscript in either a printed or a word processing format, what do you do next? Which route do you take? Do you self-publish? Or do you want to try to find an agent and/or a publisher? Neither option is easy though one is much harder than the other. See below for the pros and cons.


Self-publishing is the easier of the two options – though it is not as easy as many people believe. Self-publishing can be quick and in today’s digitally connected world reach people all over the world. It is an option that has grown exponentially since the birth of the internet.  It is no longer the domain of the failed/vanity author – quite the opposite, self-publishing is now big business with many highly successful authors and it is actually starting to impact on the mainstream publishing industry. It requires some effort on the part of the author, though, if they wish the book to be successful. Time and money will need to be spent on such things as copy-editing, proofreading, marketing and promotion.

EBooks by Design can help make the construction of your eBook as easy and painless as possible. As part of our eBook conversion process we offer a complete range of eBook services such as book cover design, copy-editing and proofreading – services which are an important part of a successful book. We can then help you to publish your book on major retailers’ sites. We like our authors to be successful (we are proud of our product and love to know if it is flying off the virtual shelves) so we will keep in contact once the book is published and offer advice on improving sales where we can. See our Self-publishing page for a complete guide.


Finding an agent or publisher can be extremely hard, even if you have written a masterpiece – be prepared for rejection. Only the very lucky few make it.

authorsMajor publishers like to print relatively small amounts of titles that sell in large amounts. Hence the concentration on already established authors and things like the biographies that come out at Christmas of, often, minor celebrities. The advantage of the agent/publisher option is that if they do accept you and decide to publish your book you will have the resources of a publishing house behind you. These can be considerable – editing, marketing, promotion etc. Remember a publisher would not publish a book it didn’t think it could sell. So it will promote and market the book to ensure a healthy return.

So why would you need EBooks by Design if you decide the agent/publisher route is the one for you? Well if you want to use an agent to help you find a publisher it can help to have a professional, properly formatted, digital format to send to them – they in turn can use that to send to publishers. It all helps in this electronically connected world.

What about the Publisher?
Well it depends on the publisher – the major publishers tend have an eBook strategy (though many of them dislike the idea of the eBook and are not wholeheartedly embracing the technology) and the eBook will be constructed inhouse. But there are still plenty of publishers who have no eBook strategy or do not even publish eBooks at all. In this case you will need to negotiate separate eBook rights.

This is where we come in – having a properly formatted eBook in two or more major formats will help the smaller publisher (and this is the type of publisher most first time/smaller authors will encounter) and speed up the publishing process or, in the case of a publisher who doesn’t publish eBooks, allow you to come to an arrangement where perhaps the eBook rights are given to another publisher or you yourself take on publishing the eBook version.

Whichever option you choose it is to your advantage to have a professionally formatted, well built eBook – one that your target audience will enjoy reading.

So contact us – we can provide the service you require.

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