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ebook design

For an eBook to be successful, it is important that it is designed and laid out properly. Good eBook design sets apart the well designed eBook from the competition: it is a statement about the quality of the book, the writing and the author.

Time spent on good eBook design and layout is time well spent, resulting in a good looking end product.

The old saying “Never judge a book by the cover” does not apply to books – the cover is the first thing that a reader will use to make a decision, therefore a well designed cover is a must. It must say something about the book and at the same time stand out so that the book is noticed. EBooks by Design use specialist eBook cover designers who are experienced in turning the subject matter of the book, the author’s ideas and likes and dislikes into a professional, stand out book cover.

Just as importantly interior eBook Design influences the reader’s enjoyment of the book. A good eBook is easy to read and its design projects a well laid out, professional image. The way the paragraphs, images and things like tables are laid out all affect the readability of the book. Clear and correct typography is essential – often what is suitable in the printed book is not suitable in the eBook. Some eReaders have very limited support for different fonts – the Kindle for example – so line spacing and height have to be used to create certain effects. Colours also have to be treated differently in eBooks – many dedicated eReaders use paper ink technology which displays in greyscale. Therefore the colours in the eBook have to be chosen carefully to reflect this.

ebook designGood eBook Design should also take advantage of the multi media technologies available to digital books where applicable. Audio and video elements can be added to enhance certain types of books – they work especially well in children’s books by making the book interactive. Non-fiction books also benefit with the addition of active links connecting different parts of the book such as the index – a two way index is essential in good non-fiction book.

With most retailers offering the purchaser the ability to read a portion of the eBook before they decide to buy; the design of the eBook can be all important. The prospective buyer will judge the book by checking out the cover and inside pages – they will, in fact, be judging the design of the book. Whether the eBook is then bought can be decided in those few seconds so quality eBook design is essential.

Here at EBooks by Design we are experienced in eBook design and layout, offering our customers a quality service that results in a professional looking eBook. Check out our services and join us in the eBook revolution.

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