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What is the difference between epub and mobi?
The mobi format is Amazon’s own proprietary format and it is designed to work with all the different Kindle devices and apps. The epub format is the worldwide standard ebook format for virtually every device and ebook reading app other than the Kindle. It works with devices like the iPad, Kobo eReader, Nook and apps like Adobe Digital editions. You need both to successfully cover the ebook market.

What do they mean by “Reflowable Text”?
Reflowable text basically means that the text flows to fit the size screen is is being read on. This leads to the layout of the book being fluid and the same book can look different on the same or different brand devices due to several factors, the most important being screen size and the font size chosen to read the book with. The bigger the font the less words on the screen. All the devices and apps let the user choose their the font size they can comfortably read the book at – this is one of the great advantages of ebooks and the reflowable text format.

Which formats do you accept?
We accept Microsoft Word, InDesign, Html and PDF as standard. If you have your book in a different format please let us know and we can convert it but there may be a small charge.

Do I get a chance to review my book before completion?
Yes we will normally complete the conversion and send you proofs. Then we can discuss layout/structural changes – if any. We will do any changes/corrections until you are happy with the book and then send the final files.

Can you upload my ebook to the various retailers?
If you want us to upload the book for you to the various retailers we can do that for you as well it is included in the price.

Can eBooks be in colour?
We will convert your book using the original colour images and text where possible and appropriate. But the majority of handheld eBook reading devices, such as the Kindle and Kobo eReader, use epaper technology; which means, although they can be read outside and are easy on the eyes, they can only display in two colour/greyscale. This an important consideration when choosing colours for images or text. The iPad, iPhone, other phones and Android devices display colours, as do the majority of PC and MAC based eBook applications such as the Kindle for PC, Adobe Digital Editions etc.

What can be included in an eBook?
The copyright page, dedication and an active Table of Contents will all be included. We can also include the author’s biography, author’s notes and indexes – a navigable index can also be an essential part of a non-fiction book. We can also include active links to websites – a great way to point your readers to your website and help promote any other books you may have written.

What do you mean by complex formatting?
Complex formatting includes extensive poetry, footnotes, lists, unique paragraph formatting, tables, charts, sidebars, screenplays, extensive foreign languages or symbols, and other complexities. If your book has only the odd line of verse, very few footnotes or unique paragraphs etc we can include it in the standard package. Send us your file and we can let you know.

How much do you charge?
For a full list of our prices please visit our Pricing page. Our basic package starts from just £100. This includes an embedded book cover, active TOC, 10 free images and conversion into both ePub and Kindle.

Do I need an ISBN?
If you want to sell via the major retailers, the answer is most probably yes. Check out our eBook Retailers page for more details. The ISBN must be unique for each version of your book. Therefore the Kindle version has to be different from the ePub version which has to be different from the printed version. If you do not have one we can provide one to you for £15. For more information on ISBNs click here.

How long will my order take?
Normally one to two weeks. It can be quicker – we can turn around books within 24 hours; it depends on the complexity of the book and how busy we are.

What payment methods do you accept?
Customers have the option to pay via PayPal, cheque (publishers & returning customers only) or bank transfer. New customers (authors only) must place a deposit of 50% of the agreed cost of the services to be provided before work can begin on the customer’s project. The remaining 50% being due immediately on completion. We invoice our customers once the project has been completed. For all projects, the customer receives the final finished files after full payment has been received.

Can authors from outside the US sell eBooks on US based websites?
Yes. Non-resident authors and publishers can place their books with US based retailers – signing up with Amazon, for instance, is easy. This does mean though that you become liable for US income tax on sales from their sites. You will need an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) if you wish to avoid paying this tax. Some retailers will require you to have an ITIN number to set up an account – Apple are the prime example. The procedure for obtaining an ITIN number can be complicated and quite lengthy, but it can be worth it if you intend to sell your books in the US. For more information go to the US Internal Revenue Service website’s General ITIN Information page. There are also various companies on the internet who can help you with the process.

If you have any more questions please contact us.

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