Every publisher in the country sends a manuscript to a proofreader before publication (whether in print or as an ebook) for a very good reason: no matter how many times you’ve read a book, there will always be mistakes remaining. Only an experienced professional proofreader can give the final quality check to a book to ensure a polished and professional product.


Proofreading involves checking text for mistakes and inconsistencies. It does not look to improve the writing style (that falls under the copy-editing service). It is the final stage in the ebook writing process, and an important one if you want to be taken seriously as a writer.

At Ebooks by Design we recognise the paramount importance of proofreading prior to ebook conversion and publication. That’s why we’ve partnered up with a highly experienced and reputable proofreader so that your ebook is in safe and capable hands.

Our proofreading specialist, has worked with many authors over the years as a proofreader and editor, proofreading books to ensure accuracy and consistency in the language. The proofreader remains respectful of the author’s style when proofreading manuscripts, but finds and corrects mistakes and inconsistencies missed by the author – indeed, clients are often astonished by how many they have missed!

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Copy-editing gets the very best from your text. It goes a step further than proofreading, which corrects mistakes and inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation and grammar, and looks to improve the text. Even the best authors work with a publishing copy editor prior to publication because it ensures a well-written, clear, readable and polished book.

Copy-editing can range from light to intensive, depending on need and preference. The copy editor looks at elements such as clarity, flow, sense, sentence structures, paragraphing, repetition and rhythm, working to create text that reads well and is easily understood.


Ebooks by Design believe in helping clients create a professional ebook they can be proud of, which is why we have teamed up with a capable copy editor so that you can ensure your text is in great shape before conversion and publication. Our copy editor is an experienced freelance editor with a large client base, ranging from publishers and authors to organisations and government bodies. our  copy editor understands how it feels to be edited, and is respectful and sensitive when copy-editing. What needs to be changed is changed whilst keeping the authors’ style intact.

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