Publishers are well aware of the ebook revolution – with all the major retailers now selling eBooks online it would be very hard not to be. Love it or loathe it, it can no longer be ignored. With the advent of the Kindle, iPad, Kobo eReader, the Nook, etc the worldwide sales of eReaders are in the millions. The potential for sales in the various digital formats is vast. Many publishers, though, do not have the time or the expertise to convert and construct ebooks.

There is an abundance of software on the internet that will claim to produce a finished ebook – some will even give you something that on the surface looks pretty good. But there is no substitute to producing an ebook manually by editing the code with specialist software. This requires somebody who is experienced with coding and html. Employing somebody full time internally can be expensive with wages, pensions, health benefits and other associated taxes – many publishers cannot afford this. That is why we are here.

Leave it to us


Here at EBooks by Design we provide the busy publisher with a professional manual conversion service. We can convert digital files, printed documents – even the printed book itself – into any eBook format. We will work with your inhouse designers to meet your exact requirements and we pride ourselves on achieving a finished product that is as near to a printed book as an eBook can be.

Many publishers are now looking at converting their titles into eBooks. If you have a digital file it can be quite straightforward and quick. If you have a printed manuscript/already printed book rather than a digital copy, the conversion process is longer and more complicated. It will need to be scanned into a computer in order for the conversion process to start. The resulting scanned page images are converted into editable text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Then we correct any mistakes – OCR programmes typically cannot read every word in a document and they substitute the area with what they think should be there. The amount of mistakes will depend on the document being used and can range from very few to up to half the document in the very worst cases. Each line then has to be compared and corrected against the original document – an often long and painstaking process. The end result is a digital file that can be converted into an eBook.

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Are you missing out on another potential source of revenue?

These services are not just for new titles. Every publisher has a backlist of old out of print titles that they still have the rights for or old titles that need a new lease of life. Many of these titles could still sell well but perhaps not in enough volume to make a decent return after printing and distribution costs. By republishing these books in digital format you cut out these costs – enabling the books to be published extremely cheaply and ensuring a healthy return. For very little outlay the publisher, with our help, can put these titles to use, providing a valuable stream of revenue – especially useful in these hard times for the publishing industry.

EBooks by Design provides a superb conversion service for publishers – whether it is for an individual book or multiple titles – we can meet all your requirements. Contact us now if you have any questions or if you want a quote.

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