EBooks by Design provides a wide range of eBook services, from eBook creation and conversion to eBook publishing. See our services below:

Basic EBook Conversion – We convert Word, Pages, InDesign, PDF, Text, OpenOffice format ODT & Html files to the Kindle and ePub formats as standard.

Other Source Formats – We can convert from other formats such as a printed book, document or scanned document for an extra charge. Just contact us and let us know the format. Contact us and we will let you know.)

Other Output Formats – We can convert to other digital formats than Kindle or ePub such as ereader or Lit for an extra charge. Contact us with your requirements.

ISBN – An ISBN is needed to sell a book on many of the major retailers’ websites. We can supply you with one or you can get one from an ISBN agency. For more details see ISBN.

servicesScanning – If you only have your book in printed form we can still convert it. We can scan your document and turn it into a digital format. This will involve cutting the binding. If the book is your only copy or if you do not want this we can scan it with the binding intact – though this process is harder and will involve an extra cost.

OCR – Scanned documents have to go through an Optical Recognition Process to convert them into editable text. This can be a long process because no OCR software will produce a perfect document. The amount of mistakes will depend on the document being used and can range from very few to up to half the document in the very worst cases. Then begins the painstaking manual process of line by line correction. The end product is a digital file of editable text that can be converted into ePub and Kindle.

Indexes – Most non-fiction books include indexes of some sort at the back of the book to help the reader find their way around the book or to pick out particular subjects within the book. But there are many examples of eBooks on the market where the index is not active; effectively making the index a complete waste of time. However,australian online casino no deposit bonus these indexes can be an important part of the book, making the book come alive and enabling the reader to jump between the index and its subject, and this is what today’s tech-savvy reader will expect. We can make your index completely navigable. If your book has footnotes and quotes we make these navigable as well.

Images – We include 10 free images as part of our basic package. We try to lay out the images as per your book and make them resizable so that they fit on different size screens. But it is not always possible to place images as they are laid out in a book – for instance wrapping text around an image. On devices that support it the effect can be unpredictable depending on the reader’s choice of font size. We will explain where or if we cannot place or size the images exactly as per your layout and work with you on any alterations.


Tables – Designing tables for eBooks can be extremely complicated. What looks good on the printed page can be hard to read on an eBook. This is partly due to the small screen size, but also because some older devices do not have very good support for Html-based tables though this has changed as more modern devices have come on to the market. The support for tables in the different eReaders and devices is inconsistent and whilst a table may look good on a tablet like the iPad, on smaller devices that same table may be squashed and hard to read. This can be a particular problem for larger tables with lots of columns. However, depending on how they are formatted in the printed book, we can also insert your tables in other ways. We can insert the data as paragraphs. This means that we convert the table contents into a paragraph layout that, if designed correctly, gives the required information to the reader but without needing a Html table. Depending on the table this can work well. Or we can turn the table into an image, it depends on the table and the information it is required to display. Once we receive your files we can discuss what will work best for your particular book.

Book Cover Design – The book’s cover is one of the most important parts of the book. As the first thing we see it needs to catch the eye of the potential reader. So a well designed cover is a must. EBooks by Design have teamed up with selected specialist book cover designers, rather than having an inhouse designer, because we have found that this is better and cheaper for our customers. These designers will work with the author, discussing the theme, direction, and audience you wish to target. We will take the finished cover and properly size and embed it into the book. See Book Cover Design for more details.

Website Design – A well designed website is essential for every author in today’s electronic world, and a good website can be an important part of promoting a book and its author. EBooks by Design can create and design your website for you. Contact us for details.

servicesCopy-editing – Copy-editing tidies the text of your ebook. Not only does it incorporate ensuring accuracy and consistency in the writing (which is the remit of the proofreading service, see below), but copy-editing also works to improve the writing style. Depending on your preference and the state of the material, a copy editor can work on creating logical sentence and paragraph structures, good flow between ideas, clear meaning and non-repetitive text, among other development tasks. A good copy-editor can make the difference between the success or failure of a book. Because we know how essential copy-editing is, we’ve partnered with one of the most reputable freelance editors in the business: The Book Specialist. See our Ebook Proofreading and Copy-editing page for more details.

Proofreading – Here’s a saying we like: ‘Proofread carefully to see whether you any words out’. You see how easy it is to make innocent mistakes? Even if you read your ebook over and over, you’re too close to the text to spot every mistake. And publishing a book that contains mistakes is a recipe for poor reputation and revenue. A proofreading service gives you peace of mind that your ebook will be a professional-level publication. The proofreader will correct those missed typos, dropped punctuation and clumsy grammar. We work with proofreader Charlie Wilson, who has worked for hundreds of authors over the years. For more details, go to our Ebook Proofreading and Copy-editing page.

Publishing – We help you to get published on various retailers’ websites. We will upload the files to the retailer for you if you give us details of your account. If you need help setting up your own accounts we can guide you through the whole process. See our EBook Publishing page for more details.

Promotion & Marketing – We can advise you on how to market and promote your book. We will recommend websites, blogs etc. We can also put you in touch with a book marketing company who will then design a marketing campaign for your eBook. It need not be that expensive – though there will be some cost involved, but if you wish your book to be successful some promotion will be necessary. Unlike many self-publishing companies or other eBook conversion houses we care if your book sells. So we will keep in contact to see how it’s doing and advise of any developments or avenues to explore to improve your sales. Please take a look at our EBook Marketing page.

Bulk Pricing – We offer reduced prices to authors or publishers who have multiple titles to convert. Contact us for a quote.

If you have any questions or general queries please contact us.

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