Without Steve Baker and his Ebooks by Design set-up I could never have got my books up as ebooks. I may be able to write but when it comes to the services Steve offers I am totally illiterate. He made it so easy and his gentle ‘suggestions’ did so much to improve the finished article. I recommended him to several fellow authors and they all feel the same way. The man’s a genius!
Chris Hutchins, Author and Journalist

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“I have had the pleasure of working with EBooks by Design on several projects  over the past few years. They are swift, accurate and cost-effective. What more can one ask?”
Rick Resnick  | Art Director | Global Business Services | Mayo Clinic

“I cannot recommend Ebooks By Design highly enough. Their care and dedication in scanning some of my out of print older novels has been exemplary, while they could not have been more patient in explaining some of the finer points of digital publishing to me. Added to that is the fact that they are inexpensive, and, in my experience, return all enquiries promptly. I will be using them again and again…”
Ray Connolly

I recently completed a book and hired “EBooks By Design” format the novel for use as an e-book. They not only quickly completed the formatting but also found several errors in the text that I and my reviewers had missed. They finished this task for what I felt was a very reasonable fee. I highly recommend EBooks by Design.
Clyde Shaw

Having made an attempt myself to convert my novel, Song for a Butterfly to an ebook, it was a huge relief to be able to pass on the task to ebooksbydesign. Steve was professional yet friendly, amazingly patient with my queries, and I found his service both swift and efficient.
Net result – I am epubbed!

Margaret Kaine

“The decision to convert my best selling line of Christmas books to E-Books caused me some concern. That was, until I found Steve Baker & Company, who worked with me, advised me and produced a creative product that far surpassed the printed editions. My satisfaction with the quality of effort, attention to detail and willingness to understand the character of my books far exceeded my expectations. I can offer no less than my highest recommendation on behalf of this fine firm and the man behind it.
Bob Litak
Christmas Author & Seasonal Humorist

Ebooks by Design gave me every possible assistance in launching my ebook, to maximize its chances of success. At every stage of the publication process; proof-reading, word conversion, website design and vendor platform acceptance, Ebooks by Design provided a top quality service at a very reasonable price. I sensed that they appreciated the huge emotional and actual investment that any aspiring author makes in his or her work, and they did their best to ensure that they did not let me down. I could not recommend them more highly.
Renvyle Blake (Author: The Himalayan Assignment)

‘Having always been traditionally published, I was a complete novice when it came to creating ebooks – so when the idea occurred to me to create ebooks out of a couple of my old out of print titles, it went almost immediately on the ‘revisit when feeling brave enough’ pile, and sat there for  over a year. But Steve, who was recommended to me by a fellow author, came along, and – just like a knight in digitally-produced armour – came to my rescue. He did the complete job, as well, taking the whole complicated process out of my amateurish hands and creating two perfect ebooks for me without fuss or complication, turning them round in an astonishingly quick time as well. And incredibly cheaply. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and frequently do.’
Lynne Barrett-Lee,
Novelist and ghostwriter

A big thank you to EBooks by Design for converting our book ‘Without the Woo Woo’ by Austin Wyse and Dawn Bailey.
The process from start to finish was effortless and all our questions were answered along the way. The finished product is very professional and we would certainly recommend EBooks by Design to anyone who needs their services.
We also thought the price was perfect as well.
Thank you

Jo Phillips Rose Grant Publishing.

I can recommend Ebooks By Design  (and, in particular, Steve Baker) without hesitation. As a literary executor, I wanted update novels written in the 1950s as eBooks. I found Mr Baker consistently helpful (patient with my amateur stupidities), swift and amazingly good value. One book – ‘One Green Bottle’, by Elizabeth Coxhead – is now on line, and I will shortly follow that with other of Miss Coxhead’s titles. For those like myself who know little about eBooks, Mr Baker takes all the strain out of the process
Robert Chesshyre, journalist, writer and literary executor

The Charmer Ron Muddle was the first book that I had written and I then looked at the publishing avenues available. As a first time Author I decided to self-publish on Amazon.co.uk a Paperback and Kindle version of my book. I then had to find someone to format the book for the Amazon Kindle. On searching the Internet I came across EBooks by Design and was well impressed with their website.
I contacted Steve who explained what he could offer me to format the book for the Amazon Kindle. Steve gave me a first class service in getting my book published on the Amazon Kindle and offering advice on the layout of the book which included lots of photographs which are not the easiest to format for the Amazon Kindle. Steve then formatted a PDF for downloading to Createspace for the Paperback to make it available as a Paperback on Amazon.co.uk. It has been a big learning curve for myself which I could not have achieved without Steve’s help and can highly recommend EBooks by Design for any new Author who wants to publish on the Amazon Kindle.

Peter Kealey
Author and Self Publisher

“When I published my first book, Surf the Woods, I was confused about how to take my paperback book and get it in digital format.  Ebooksbydesign.co made the process quick, easy, and it was surprisingly inexpensive.  The customer service was excellent and quick to respond to any change that I needed.  I will definitely go back to Ebooksbydesign.co for all of my digital formatting and design.
Holt Condren
Author and Speaker

Dear Stephen,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising and uploading my digital media books to the various platforms such as Amazon for my published works in relation to Reg… in relation to Alzheimer’s Disease. Thank you for making things easy for me to understand and allowing me to just hand it all over to you, so I can get on with my next project. You are a wonderful jewel in my treasure box
Thank you

Jane Cooper

I have used – Stephen Baker eBooks by Design – for the past two years after him being recommended to me by a colleague, I have always found Steve very helpful and generous with his advice together with providing a prompt professional service.
Denis Leeman author of ‘The Sprog, Lady Killer and other novels /www.denisleeman.co.uk

Ebooks By Design have converted various titles into multiple-format digital editions for us (Starwalker Press), ranging from big and hideously complex books, with diagrams, illustrations, indexes and tables, to smaller and more simple ones with mostly text. We have found Steve consistently helpful, answering EMails quickly, discussing queries, clarifying possibilities, doing corrections with patience, and also making good, educative suggestions about other aspects of the work – design issues, technical points and even distribution. We have received specific feedback from readers about how pleased they were to find the book so well-constructed and readable – across different devices. We feel fortunate to have found Ebooks By Design!

Many thanks for your consistently excellent service — meticulous with details, patient with questions, responsive to requests, prompt with turnaround, and always accurate. I’ll be back for more!
Angus Waycott

For some years I have researched eBook Publishers for the various books I required to be formatted and uploaded, in my case to Kindle, with the option to also use other formats such as iBook etc. I needed someone that would understand my idiosyncrasies in setting out and format an end result first time. Steve has to date published six books for me of differing genre and I have been impressed with his professionalism and the ultimate end results. He also helped me with a suggestion for my first books synopsis, achieving a far better result than I, which I subsequently used, the basis of which has helped me with other synopsis written for subsequent books. All of my books have been uploaded for me without delay and I thoroughly recommend anyone wishing to publish an eBook, whether they are a new or seasoned writer, to seriously use this Publishing Company. You will not be disappointed.
The service I received from ebooksbydesign.co was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend this site to anyone that found themselves in the same situation I was in. Which was a poor understanding of how to upload my book onto the internet. In regard to the pricing offered me I thought it was very reasonable and did not come across any hidden prices that often lurk behind the small print. Help was also on hand for anything that needed to be addressed and just added to a well presented service.
Ray Wright

 Stephen converted 4 books for me (so far) into e-books, very efficiently.  I was very pleased with his attention to detail and the way he suggested options for improvements as they were changed to e-format.
Julie Hay
MD Sherwood Publishing

“Stephen Baker and the team at Ebooks By Design have been fantastic to work with. Always patient and full of good advice. It has been a pleasure to work with them on ‘Boy Bones’.”
Judith Ann Bunting

“Knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, responsive and effective. Good results, speedily achieved. Everything a publisher could wish for.”
Victoria Clayton Limited

Stephen formatted for me a poems collection, which is difficult work, and he did it wonderfully. He never failed to take care patiently and efficiently of my repeated suggestions. I strongly recommend him.
Simon Altmann

‘Stephen gave me a great deal of good common sense advice and provided excellent e-book formatting services including production of epub and mobi files for all the major internet sales platforms’.
Alan Watson, Gravity and Mind

From the many companies offering conversion to e-books I selected Books by Design, working alongside Stephen Baker.  We completed the process on my book, Thoughts for the Thoughtful, working of course through emails. Steve has been right there for me from the beginning and has never faltered. Not only have his instructions been very clear and helpful (usually responding by return mail) he has demonstrated much personal care.
Steve knows that I am not well up on the use of computers and consequently I have not made his job easy for him. He has been infinitely patient and encouraging at all times even when I came close to giving up. Steve always reminded me that “we will get there in the end” and I have come to highly respect him as a person as well as for his obvious skills.
Nobody could do better than to entrust themselves to Stephen Baker in the process of setting up their e-book. I speak as a most satisfied customer from far away New Zealand.
I wish Steve all the very best for his future.

Terry Creagh
The Rev. Dr Terry Creagh
Fellow of St John’s College, Auckland,

Of the several ebook formatting services I checked out, I chose Ebooks By Design mainly because their quote was so reasonable. I soon found that factor to be less important than I thought. My lack of knowledge about electronic publishing and formatting didn’t bother Steve Baker at all; he led me through the process smoothly and patiently, dedicated to my success, notwithstanding my many text revisions. Thanks Steve and Ebooks By Design for making this happen.
Dwayne Donkersgoed, author: Spectacular Me: Poems Just for Kids

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