The Tick Tock Man

The Tick Tock Man

He has the most dangerous job in the world: defusing terrorist bombs. A job that demands nerves of steel and courage to match.

But his skill is being tested to the limit by a new IRA bombing campaign. It’s different from the others, each device more deadly and cunning than the last, each more difficult for him to neutralise. It’s almost as if someone is testing him, trying to find his limits – a long-dead adversary reaching out for him from beyond the grave.

Time and luck are running out. From Belfast to London, he is pitched into a very personal battle – a fight where just one small mistake will be his last.

From the author of WHISPER WHO DARES, THE FIFTH HOSTAGE and SOME UNHOLY WAR, this is a terrifying, brilliantly researched journey into the dark, claustrophobic world of the professional bomb-disposal man.

‘Breathless entertainment’ The Guardian

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