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Why do I need a Website?

  • Your readers will expect one! Nowadays most people use the internet to find out information about the things they want to know and your website will be the first thing they search for to learn about you and your books.
  • A good website will be the best tool you have for promoting your books. Your website will essentially become an advertisement for you and your writing, accessible to readers all over the world.
  • Your website is online 24/7 which means that information about you and your books are available 24 hours a day. You can always be there for your readers.
  • Your website contains your blog which you can use to you can keep your readers up to date on all the latest news, books, promotional offers, events, photos, or any other content.
  • No matter what type of a book you have written, a website is a great place to showcase your work. By including a portfolio or image gallery, information and articles about your subject, as well as reviews about your work, you can show your work to the world.
  • Your website will help engage with your readers and become the hub of your social media activity.
  • Your rival authors have a website. And whilst you may not be in direct competition with them, if they have one then you need one and if they do not then you have an advantage.
  • Lastly we will repeat it again – Your readers will expect one!

Here at Ebooks by Design we can provide you with a well designed and attractive website. You can choose between the templates below or we can design you a site from scratch.

The cheapest option we offer is the Template option. You can choose one of our templates and we can personalise it to suit your needs. We can alter the background colour (or insert a background image) and change the fonts and font-colours. We can add or subtract pages and change the titles of the pages. The layout of the sidebars can be altered as well as the headers and footers. The possibilities are too numerous to mention.

Once you have decided on a template we will discuss your preferences re the colours, fonts, and layout. We will then show you the resulting test website before adding things like the book description, images of your book(s) and reviews, author bio and any other content needed. We will also set up things like your twitter and blog and show you how to update them.

All of the templates are designed so that after the site is online it can be updated easily. We offer support for one year as part of the package – so if you need any help we will be there.


Template 1


Template 2


Template 3


Template 4


Template 5


Template 6

You can choose from the templates above or we can design a site from scratch. If you have a particular preference in styles or you have seen a site you would like us to adapt for you – let us know and we can build a website for you.

For either option contact us for prices and details.

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