Whisper Who Dares

Whisper Who Dares

It is 1976 and Northern Ireland is not a pretty place. The UK province is torn by sectarian hatred and violence.

Under increasing pressure, the Provisional IRA comes up with a masterstroke that forces the British government to take desperate action. The terrorist organisation enlists the help of rogue former members from America’s Special Forces to raise the carnage and chaos to a new level.

Four men from the British Army’s legendary SAS are given their toughest mission yet…to probe the inner sanctum of the IRA’s terror machine. Never before has so much been at stake.

One small Sabre team is pitted against the Provos’ latest and most secret combat force in a mission so secret that you will scarcely believe it and everyone will deny.

It is a bitter sweet story of innocence, love and evil, treachery and courage in a dark world where nothing is as it seems.

‘Best I’ve read for a long time’ Glasgow Evening Times

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