White Viper


He was on the Z-file, the last resort. Infiltrator, investigator and sometime executioner.

A freelance to be used when all else fails. Uniquely qualified to operate in dangerous territory where even government agencies fear to tread – against state tyranny, terrorism and narcotics traffickers. Reaching out beyond the arm of international law to dispense justice, however rough.

Working for various human rights organisations, the DEA and several intelligence agencies. And for the anonymous organisation to which he has made a very personal pledge.

A man driven by a hatred of intimidation and an unquenchable thirst for revenge. Pursued by dark demons from his past.

So when vast quantities of White Viper – an exceptionally pure and branded cocaine – threaten to flood Britain, Europe and the USA, he is the natural choice to head-up a covert search-and-destroy operation. One that is to plunge him into the deadliest, most harrowing and unnerving mission of his life.

The author of WHISPER WHO DARES, THE TICK TOCK MAN and SOME UNHOLY WAR has created a startlingly different kind of hero and a stunning page-turner inspired by real people and events.

‘Explosive…all the more page-turning because it reads so close to the truth.’ Daily Mail

‘For your action novel and authentic thriller, Terence Strong is hard to beat.’ Today

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